Multiple Receivers with iGrade UCC1

When setting up a dual scraper combination utilizing the iGrade UCC1 application controller, it is critical to ensure that both scraper blades are cutting at the same height.  When setting Zero with iGrade (both UCC 1 & 2) or T3RRA systems, the lead receiver height is used for correcting the “Z” elevation error.  Therefore, the second implement receiver in the chain will look to repeat this height when “on grade”. This also applies if you are running dual receivers on a single scraper or blade.
In the UCC1 settings, you are unable to adjust the receiver height relative to the cutting edge and the receiver setting page has no effect on the control. Implement GPS offsets cannot be entered in the display to account for mounting error. Therefore, both receivers must be mounted the same height above the blade. For this, modify the length of the mast or shim of the receiver mounts so both receivers are exactly the same height above the blade. Make sure the mast is centered and over the control point on the machine and high enough that shading is not an issue from the tractor.