New Boundary Surveying mode

T3RRA software has always been able to run fine without having to survey a boundary. The good news is that this is still the case. But now we’ve added the option to survey and/or import boundaries if the customer wants to.

So why survey a boundary?
1) In some circumstances you get a more accurate field area (and hence earthwork calculations) if you manually create the boundary
2) A preloaded boundary can help define the area to survey. This can help guide employees who are not familiar with the required work area.
3) A surveyed boundary can be exported and used in other operations.

To access the boundary survey mode go into the collection page in the wizard. In the bottom right corner press the survey mode button until the boundaries icon appears and the collection mode in the top right corner of the screen says “Boundary”.

When surveying the boundary the elevation points will be displayed as small diamonds with a black line. After surveying the black line will snap from your current position directly to the start point to create a closed boundary. Customers must be aware of where they plan to stop as the function will create a straight line to close the boundary.

For more information on Boundary surveying please refer to the operators manual.