One size does not fit all

Our goal at T3RRA is to provide solutions for water management through land forming. In order to address diverse market requirements, we offer nine different software packages. To aid you in providing the right ‘fit’ for your customers, we have put together some use case scenarios with the software options to suit their needs.

Grower wants to design projects in the office and send the control file to the operator to implement:

  • T3RRA Apply for surveying and implementation.
  • T3RRA Cutta Desktop or T3RRA Design subscription for designing.

Grower owns one rotary ditcher and one tractor pulled scraper that will be operating simultaneously.

  • T3RRA Cutta (for full field & drain designs) or T3RRA Ditch (for drain designs only) for surveying, designing, and implementing.
  • iDitch for implementing with the rotary ditcher.

Grower wants to use Auto Drains for drain line placement on elevation data from their John Deere Operations Center account and implement with iDitch.

  • T3RRA Cutta Desktop for drain design and exporting of the control file.
  • iDitch for implementation.