Say ‘Hello’  to T3RRA Cutta Desktop

T3RRA Cutta Desktop splash screen showing a laptop running T3RRA and landforming outside.

T3RRA Cutta Desktop is a fully-featured desktop software for land forming designs which is sold and supported by our dealer network and purchased as a subscription. We heard you asking for a simpler product for desktop use and this is it!

Our dealer network is confident in supporting T3RRA Cutta and will be able to support T3RRA Cutta Desktop too. This software was developed for use in your office for designing projects. It will not have surveying or applying capabilities. Owners will be able to create all of their land forming projects in their office and send complete project files to T3RRA in-cab software that have implementation capabilities.

As an added bonus, it will be updated with new features and tools such as:

  • Satellite imagery loaded in the background
  • A profile view of the field’s surface with slope percentage
  • Ability to add markers anywhere
  • Elevation grid, Flow path, and Circle annotations
  • Watershed overlay

Subscriptions are 3 months for $1000, 1 year for $2000, or 3 years for $5000.