T3RRA Design Plus: Our most advanced software yet!

Author: Gwen Brittain

At T3RRA, we continue to drive a mission that is client-centered and dedicated to innovation. This enables us to develop and support the most advanced land forming software on the planet! We recently released T3RRA Design Plus for desktop use. It is the result of collaboration with our team, dealers, and end users and will continue to be updated with new tools and features as they are released.Some of the tools that have been added are:
•    The Multi-Fit Two-Way tool for full field Designs.
•    Auto-detection of columns for CSV imports.
•    Auto-loading of satellite imagery in the background.
•    Direct connection to the John Deere Operation Center.
You can demo a fully functioning version of T3RRA Design Plus by downloading the installer from our dealer website. In this new ‘demo’ mode, there are sample files to load and use in the software. T3RRA Design Plus subscriptions are sold and supported by PTS: 3 months for $1000, 12 months for $2000, or 3 years for $5000. 

We recently recorded a live webinar explaining all of the T3RRA software packages and pricing. This is a link to view it. If you have any questions, please contact Travis, travis@t3rra.com or Gwen, gwen@t3rra.com.