T3RRA Design Plus: Our most advanced software yet!

Author: Gwen Brittain At T3RRA, we continue to drive a mission that is client-centered and dedicated to innovation. This enables us to develop and support the most advanced land forming software on the planet! We recently released T3RRA Design Plus for desktop use. It is the result of collaboration with our team, dealers, and end users and will continue to … Read More

T3RRA Cutta Desktop NEW Demo mode!

Author: Gwen Brittain T3RRA Cutta Desktop now has a fully functioning ‘Demo’ or ‘Unlocked’ mode using available demonstration project files! T3RRA Cutta Desktop is for land forming designs created in your office and is supported by our dealer network and purchased as a subscription. We heard you asking for a simpler product for desktop use and this is it! Simply … Read More

Loading depression layers into John Deere 2630 Displays

Author: Travis Lobwien The use of background layers on John Deere Gen 3 2630 displays gives you the ability to show geo referenced areas of interest or changes in the field while you view your guidance page. These can be used for likely wet spots “Depressions” when performing application tasks or harvesting. Being able to have those “Depressions” shown on … Read More

Registering for T3RRA Webinars

T3RRA Webinar Sessions keep our dealers and end users up-to-date and informed on everything T3RRA! Those who register will be provided with a link to join us live & receive links to access the recordings upon completion. Do you want to make sure you’re setup for the next session? Do you want to have access to the library of webinar … Read More

One size does not fit all

Our goal at T3RRA is to provide solutions for water management through land forming. In order to address diverse market requirements, we offer nine different software packages. To aid you in providing the right ‘fit’ for your customers, we have put together some use case scenarios with the software options to suit their needs. Grower wants to design projects in … Read More