E-Learning T3RRA

Whether it is hopping on a quick web conference, conducting live webinars, or planning a T3RRA training in advance, we want to prepare T3RRA owners to get in the field! The farming cycle sometimes only allows a small window for land forming and it is difficult to know when that window will open and close. In-person training is a great way to educate our T3RRA users but it can be difficult to decide on a date that works for growers and staff. That is why we offer virtual training. Key factors in favor of virtual training are: flexibility in learning, easy accessibility, and increased effectiveness.

We are ready to assist you in organizing T3RRA training. Here are some virtual training tips you can implement to execute a successful event:

  • Ask that everyone have their T3RRA tablet available and that it has been updated to the latest Windows and T3RRA version.
  • Publish a timeline remembering to start and end on time.
  • Include instructions for setting up iGrade and hardware presented by a dealer staff member.
  • T3RRA presentations can be presented by a T3RRA and/or dealer staff member.
  • Close training with a Q & A session to answer any final concerns or questions.
  • Provide a recording of the training session.

We have built an extensive library of resources to aid our dealers in providing support. These resources can be accessed on t3rra.com. Log into your dealer account and select Resources to access them!