Professional desktop terrain modeling software built for professional power users.

You can achieve any earthworks layout in T3RRA Design Plus. It is built from the ground up to decrease the learning curve without compromising on the power of the software.
It harnesses all the power of our other software packages - and adds even more!


Advanced dirt optimizations means less dirt moved and major $$ savings.

Simple yet advanced design options mean you can make the design you want, no engineering degree required.

Being able to perform your own designs means you’ll never have to pay expensive third parties again.

We import and export many different file types - you’re not locked into proprietary formats.

Time savings for your managers, operators and machinery.

Dirt moving is expensive - don’t do any more than you have to!

Moving less soil is not just a cost savings - it’s better for your crops.

Better water distribution means better crop growth and higher yields.

You can experiment with many different designs before you ever turn the key in the tractor.


Many import and export formats.
Exclusive animated rainfall simulations for easy before and after design comparisons.
Work with multiple fields at the same time to perform whole farm design.
Easily design terraces, levees, and drains and export machine guidance lines.
View your designs in Google Earth.
Automatic backup guards against unexpected technical issues.
3D views allow unprecedented visual analysis
Unmatched full field design capabilities.
Advanced terrain analysis tools
and much much more.
"T3RRA Design makes my life easy by giving me the design features my clients/farmers want. I spend a lot of time using advanced surveying and engineering CAD software - but none of them help me to be more productive for farm design work than T3RRA Design."
Jay Carroll, Precision Cropping Technologies

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