Improving Farms with Land Forming

You understand you can’t control the weather, but you can minimize its impact. Too dry? Too wet? Land forming can assist in water management. This option can be effective in improving crop yields. T3RRA software offers multiple options to fit your farmers’ needs with minimal disruption of topsoil and maximum benefits.

T3RRA Cutta is an advanced in-cab land forming system. In conjunction with John Deere’s iGradetm it allows you to survey, design, optimize, and implement earth moving operations with ease. Fixing problem areas using the available tools results in gained acreage, better crop yields, and a decrease in soil erosion. Slowing water movement off a field by reducing the slope allows moisture to infiltrate into the soil. When water moves slower, it drops sediment in the field rather than carrying it away. This also provides more uniform germination and planting which improves crop yields. Land forming will additionally maximize irrigation efficiency and conserve water resources.

T3RRA Ditch has all you need for designing and implementing your ditches and levees. Benefits include minimal earth moved to achieve the same water movement outcome which will result in savings in fuel, equipment, labor, and time. The Auto Drain feature automatically finds depressions, and calculates the optimal paths to run ditches. Three design options are available to achieve the best outcome. Once drain lines are created, you can export them as guidance lines for automatic steering (John Deere AutoTractm required).

What if you lease the farm ground? To lessen the impact of the costs involved, some farmers are working together with the landowners to share in the cost of land improvements. The major benefits are obvious. The improved land increases in value while producing higher crop yields and profits. It’s a win for both landowners and farmers!