T3RRA Software Subscriptions: Are they the right solution for your customer?

At T3RRA, we offer subscription licenses for desktop software that give a certain period for the owner to utilize their chosen software package. Near the expiration date, a prompt is received to purchase another subscription or they may choose to switch to a license with no time restraints, depending on their needs. The two desktop software subscriptions available are T3RRA Design Plus and T3RRA Cutta Desktop.

To aid in providing the best solution, here are some of the advantages of purchasing a T3RRA subscription:

  • Convenience of use on PC
  • Mix & Match T3RRA in-cab software with desktop subscriptions
  • Predictable recurring charge for their budget
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Access to satellite imagery and Google Earth
  • Direct connection to their John Deere Operation Center account
  • Ability to try out something new
  • Instant deployment of new features
  • Ability to Implement project designs created with T3RRA in-cab software.

You can provide a demo of T3RRA Design Plus or T3RRA Cutta Desktop by downloading the installer from our dealer website and placing a free order for a Dealer Demo. T3RRA Cutta Desktop subscriptions are sold and supported by our dealer network: 3 months for $1050 or 12 months for $2100. T3RRA Design Plus subscriptions are sold and supported by T3RRA: 12 months for $2100 or 3 years for $5250. Contact us with any questions.